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Walking around the pool this cold and misty morning I was thinking about my life as it stands now, and correlating the interests and professions that I am currently involved in and building. One being the chimney sweeping business (D.W.B. Chimney Sweeps), and the other the counselling practice (MyGray7). Now putting the two together is not something that one would naturally be inclined to do, however, me being me, I had to find some correlation between the two so that I could gain a better understanding of myself and my duty in this life. Looking for a connection so that I can gain a more holistic understanding of myself and the path that I am travelling.

So I found myself wondering about how these two worked together, and, glancing up at my neighbour’s chimney, a thought struck me like a lightning bolt, “Working with chimney’s keeps me looking up!” There are no chimneys on the ground, thus I am forced, by trade, to consistently look up. Wow G, that’s quite something…

How this tied into the counselling and therapy is that in dealing with problems and obstacles on a constant basis, it is essential that the person doing the teaching, healing, therapy, maintain a positive attitude and outlook. Hence, looking up is the same thing, “Keep your chin UP!” so to speak. No matter what your opinion, the person that is holding space for healing and transformation is in the line of fire regarding the issues, problems and concerns that are being dealt with.

This was a wonderful correlation that tied to these two seemingly obscure professions into 1 harmonious interweaving of the apparently separate. The one entails being on the ground from time to time, on your back at the literal feet of people, covered in the ash and soot and people’s past survival needs. The need for warmth and the cooking of food, not to mention the social aspect of gathering around the fire and experiencing each other. Whether it be through conversation and discussion, roasting marshmallows, or even getting intimate with a lover, the stories that are told in front of the fire are echoed through the chimney and released to the Universe as part of its Divine Song.

The second being one of counsel and supporter plays the same role just on another level. Clearing and cleaning the garbage, waste and build-up of debris from past experiences, that are now clogging and dampening their ability to flow freely through the fires of life.

Both of these lines of service are so beautifully meshed together through the eyes of those that can see.