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The other day my mother brought home a tiny, 1 week-old guinea pig from the place where she works from time to time. This poor little guy was blind. Found amongst his brothers and sisters in conditions that are best unmentioned.

After picking off the maggots that covered this little guy’s body, my mother decided that she as going to keep him; take him home and try and bring him back from what seemed to be the brink of death. She got him home and cleaned him up a little, made him a soft straw bed with some fluffy blankets, and hoped that he would make it to see the light of the next day.

Seeking advice on the best course of action regarding the health and well-being of this baby, my mother was advised that due to the conditions of interbreeding and so on, the best solution is to have the guinea pig put down.

The little guy sadly did not make it through the night. He died of his own accord.

7None the less… the lesson for me is this…

This little guy brought to light certain conditions that are unacceptable for animals to live in. He brought to light the necessary changes that need to be made in order for guinea pigs and other creatures to live where they are.

This incident caught the attention of the right person and you can be sure than the necessary action will be taken.

His little life has served its purpose. Yes, he was born blind and into unwelcome circumstances to say the least. He had no real chance of living much past 10 days after his birth anyway. His life was not to be a long-lived one. It was his purpose to bring light to a problem so that those that come after him are not met with the same conditions that he was born into.

We all have a purpose in this life. No matter the size and grandeur, your purpose is your purpose. His purpose was to die young so that he could be the torch bearer for a better tomorrow for his kind, his community, his brethren (so to speak) that share that living space.

Your purpose does not have to be grand and larger than life. But you do have one…

So, what is your purpose? Do you know?

MrGray7 🙂